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.: LifeHasBegun:.
Break The Ice
Lagi dua hari genap lah sebulan aku tak update blog. Macam tak percaya kan. Rasa macam sekejap jer sebulan tu berlalu. Dan dalam masa sebulan jugak lah hidup aku tunggang langgang. No complain at all. Alhamdulillah.. at least aku masih lagi rasa nikmat hidup bersama orang-orang yang tersayang. Ehem.. my famili of cos :) Banyak yang berlaku dalam masa 4 minggu ini. Hal Famili. Hal Kerja. Hal Study. Hal Dunia semuanya. T______________T Dan juga berkenaan kata-kata di atas, tetiba teringat ntah bila la kali terakhir aku post selfie di fb. Lama dah tak buat kerja macam tu. Harap-harap aku dah tak buat dah la sampai bila-bila. Sebelum nie pun aku jarang pos gambar sorang-sorang. Biasanya mesti ramai-ramai. Gambar sendiri tak pernah. Macam tak perlu je kot. Tapi kalau pic profile tu memang ada la letak. Tapi bukan gambar penuh. Sipi-sipi je. Kira ok lah kot noo.. Eh.. terpanjang pulak update. Nanti kita story lagi naaa.. :)

Geile Girls bei der Telefonsex Masturbatio

Hast du es auch schon einmal erlebt, wenn scharfe Luder an sich selbst Hand anlegen und ihre Muschis so richtig zum Kochen bringen? Falls ja, dann weisst du ja bereits, was fuer ein geiler Anblick das ist und welche scharfen Geraeusche du dabei erleben kannst. Dieses intensive Gestoehne solltest du auf keinen Fall verpassen, denn es wir garantiert fuer einige Aufregung in deiner Hose sorgen. Gut also, dass du geile Girls bei der Telefonsex Masturbation belauschen kannst, wenn sie sich selbst zum Orgasmus bringen. Egal ob sie sich nur die Pflaume reiben, sich fingern oder eins ihrer scharfen Sexspielzeuge einsetzen, bei diesem Telefonsex kannst du dir sicher sein, dass es immer heiss zur Sache geht und die Maedels sich so lange befriedigen, bis ihr zusammen am Telefon zum Orgasmus kommt.

What it may be.
A ridiculous amount of nonsense
Today has been particularly hard. I'm just being dragged down by the invisible force that is life. It's almost as if I am trying to climb mount Everest in a bathing suit and house shoes. Honestly a little bit of positivity would go a long way. What happens when I talk to the one person I would hope would give me some joy and love? He says 'only you have the key to your own happiness.' That is the most generic, noncommittal thing anyone can tell someone with depression. I could barely make it home from the gym. I had hoped that working out would vent some frustration, which it did very little. How hard is it to say 'I love you and am here for you'? Then I get to go home to the ghetto with a roommate who just wants to mother me. She's silently keeping tally on every single thing I've ever done wrong (or didn't do). I can barely pay for my little ghetto apartment because my hours were practically cut in half. I get that I'm the only hourly employee and so I'm the only one they can... (more)

Dark of the Moon
In Many Ways He Got to Me

The Common Ills
Who's in Iraq?
Who's in Iraq? In New York today, NINA notes, Iraq's Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari met up with the Danish Foreign Minister Martin Legurd. And Iraq's Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi is in New York today for the United Nations' General Assembly. Iraq's President Fuad Masum didn't arrive in New York today. Because he was already there. All Iraq News notes he arrived on Monday. With so much of the government out of the country, maybe it's good that Iraq now has three vice presidents? Of course, with Nouri al-Maliki being one, that means the other two, Osama al-Nujaafi and Ayad Allawi, must spend the bulk of their time ensuring Nouri's not carrying out a coup. Two Iraqi officials who aren't in New York? The Minister of Defense and the Minister of Interior. They're not in New York but that's mainly due to the fact that those two posts have still not been filled. Nothing like leaving the security posts empty to scream, "We are committed to fighting the Islamic... (more)

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